Payment Methods
We have a flexible payment method for you to choose.

Your payment details will be encrypted through SSL-method. Together with your creditcard company we make sure the processing will be done correctly. Possibly your credit card company will ask for a 3D-Secure verification code. This is extra security for online payments done with creditcards.

Here are the reasons for your payment failure:
The same credit card can be paid only once within 24 hours. (It depends on our risk control system)
The card you using is in bank blacklist because of chargeback history. It has been declined.
High risk transactions. The transaction failed to pass the an-fraud system of the bank, the bank declined it for the protection of the merchant.
Incorrect card information (card number, name, expiration date .etc) or the card has been expired.
Insufficient funds in account credit/Debit card.

Western Union

We can take Western Union payments for your orders. If you want to pay for your order through Western Union, you can enjoy a 10% discount and the fastest delivery, As for how to pay by it, please feel free to email us at [email protected].

By using this payment method you will get 5% discount on your order. Discount coupons cannot be used with this payment method. We will confirm your ordered items are in stock and will send you the bank account information within 1 working day.

It is the nature of Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies that all transactions are final with no method of chargeback or recourse for the sender of the funds. As such we are unable to reverse or provide refunds for any payment made through our payment system. If your purchased items are out of stock or we cannot deliver in time, we will gladly refund them to you. Simply contact our billing department and send us the transaction ID, verification code, and refund address. Refunds will be either (at our discretion):

the original amount of coins received, or
an amount equivalent to the USD value at the time of the transaction.

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