Rolex Explorer II VS GMT-Master II Fake Watches

Rolex Explorer II VS GMT-Master II Fake Watches

This article will compare two Rolex watches with independent GMT hands, fake Rolex Explorer II VS GMT-Master II. Rolex GMT-Master II watches are designed for explorers and cave researchers, Rolex Explorer II watches are designed for pilots and travellers. Although these two watches are designed for different people, they do have similar functions. In fact, there are many small details between these two perfect fake Rolex watches to distinguish them.


For a long time, fake Rolex Explorer II watches have a fixed stainless steel bezel. The bezel of fake Rolex GMT-Master II watches has evolved from a rubber bezel to an aluminum bezel, to the current ceramic bezel. The bezel of Rolex GMT watches is also a 24-hour bezel, but it can be rotated in both directions. The difference in the bezel is the most essential difference between the two watches.

Size And Material

Rolex Explorer II has only produced 904L stainless steel watches from its birth to the present. But GMT-Master II replica watches are more diverse. You can find replica Rolex GMT Master II 116710LN made of stainless steel, Ref.126715 made of rose gold, Ref.116718 made of gold, etc. The latest Rolex Explorer II 216570 replica has a 42MM case, but Rolex GMT watches still maintain a 40MM case. In addition, their case has a waterproof depth of 100M.

GMT Pointer

The independent GMT pointer is another similarity between Rolex Explorer II VS GMT-Master II watches. But their shapes and colors are different. The latest fake Rolex Explorer II 216570 has a bold bright orange 24-hour hand. However, the color of the independent 24 hour hand in super clone Rolex GMT watches will change due to the color of the bezel. For example, best Rolex GMT Master II 116710BLNR “Batman” replica GMT pointer is blue, Rolex GMT Master II 116719BLRO “Pepsi” fake is red.


The latest Rolex Explorer II watches are equipped with the NO.3187 movement. The latest Rolex GMT Master II has begun to use the latest NO.3285 movement. Before using the NO.3285 movement, GMT knockoff watches used the NO.3186 movement. Obviously, the biggest difference between these movements is also the size.


Whether a watch retains its value depends on its popularity. The hotter the watch style, the more valuable it is, and even the possibility of value-added. Therefore, the more popular Rolex GMT-Master II fake watches are more valuable. But as long as it is a Rolex watch, its ability to maintain value is stronger than that of other brands of watches. So don’t worry about regretting buying a Rolex watch.

Simply put, Rolex Explorer II watches are GMT-Master II watches with a fixed stainless steel bezel. Rolex GMT-Master II watches can provide the time in three time zones at the same time because of the 24 bezel that can rotate in both directions. These two different 1:1 replica Rolex watches are very practical, so would you choose Explorer II or GMT-Master II?

Rolex Explorer II imitation watches have a sturdy, low-key appearance, but they cannot be matched with formal wear. In contrast, Rolex GMT-Master II imitation watches have a more interesting and fashionable appearance, and they can also be matched with more clothing and places. However, I have to say that the appearance of Rolex Explorer II is a timeless appearance.

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