Difference Of Two Replica Rolex Watches, GMT-Master II VS Explorer II

Difference Of Two Replica Rolex Watches, GMT-Master II VS Explorer II

When it comes to watches with dual time zones, Rolex has three collections. They are GMT-Master II, Explorer II, and Sky-Dweller. Among them, Sky-Dweller has more complete functions, and the appearance is the least similar to the other two series. So this article first compares the other two replica Rolex watches.

GMT-Master II VS Explorer II Replica Rolex Watches

Creative Background Of Two Replica Rolex Watches

Rolex GMT-Master II replica Watches

Fake GMT-Master is designed for pilots flying above clouds. Fake Explorer II is designed for explorers exploring below the surface. Although the creative background is completely inconsistent, the appearance of GMT-Master II and Explorer II is very similar. So there is a saying: Explorer II is GMT-Master II with fixed stainless steel bezel. But now we see GMT-Master II and Explorer II on the Rolex website are not similar. Because the similarities between the two Rolex watches ended in 2007 with the release of GMT-Master II 116710 and 2011 Explorer II 216570.

Bezel Showing The Second Time Zone

Rolex Explorer II replica Watches

That’s right, unlike Sky-Dweller, the second time zone of GMT-Master II and Explorer II is on the bezel. The bezels are displayed in double numbers for 24 hours. But the bezels of these two replica Rolex watches use different materials. GMT-Master II is a single or two-tone ceramic bezel. But Explorer II is a brushed stainless steel bezel. And GMT-Master II also has another feature, that is, its ceramic bezel can rotate in both directions.

Fourth Hand

replica Rolex GMT-Master II Watches

The second long time zone is guided by the fourth longhand in the dial. The hands of these two replica Rolex watches are also a basis for distinguishing the two watches. Starting with the replica GMT-Master II 116710 in 2007, it used a green pointer with a triangular end. And green is the logo of Rolex. Then came the 2011 replica Explorer II 216570. Beginning with 216570, Explorer II uses a large triangular bright orange pointer. This design is a tribute to the original Explorer II1655 from the 1970s. Since then, the green fourth hand is the GMT-Master II logo, and the orange is the Explorer II logo.


replica Rolex Explorer II Watches

Developed till now, GMT-Master II and Explorer II use NO.3285 movement and NO.3187 movement respectively. There is no winner or loser between these two movements, and both have their own advantages. NO.3285 movement adds a GMT function and can store up to 70 hours of power. Although NO.3187 movement does not have GMT function, it has Parachrom hairspring and Paraflex shock absorber. Although there is only 48 power, the NO.3187 movement is better resistant to shock and extreme conditions.


There are also noticeable differences. That’s the size. Explorer II has a larger size-42MM. GMT-Master II is 40MM. Otherwise, both replica watches are very similar. For example, all have a waterproof depth of 100M. The bracelets are all Oystersteel, etc.

The difference between these two replica Rolex watches is written here. GMT-Master II and Explorer II can be immediately distinguished from the bezel or hands or size. GMT-Master II and Explorer II are neither better, they are both very good in their respective fields.

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