Fake Panerai Pam.Guard and Luminor Due

Fake Panerai Pam.Guard and Luminor Due

At the end of November, something happened to the Panerai brand, which is worth writing into history. On November 26, 2019, Panerai began to implement Pam. Guard. Today I will explain the connection between fake Panerai Pam. Guard and Luminor Due PAM1041.

Panerai Pam.Guard Fake

What Is Pam. Guard?

Let’s first explain what Pam. Guard is all about. Pam. Guard is a new service policy invented by Panerai. Pam. Guard extends the original 2-year warranty on Panerai watches to a maximum of 8 years. PAM.GUARD was conceived, designed and executed by the Panerai Laboratorio Di Idee (Creative Workshop). Fake Panerai claims that Pam. Guard is traceable. This means that watches purchased within two years before the release of this service program can also have Pam. Guard service.

How To Own Pam.Guard?

Fake Panerai Pam.Guard 8 year warranty

Of course, if you want your Panerai watch to have Pam. Guard service, you must first ensure that your watch comes from the official channel of Panerai. Then you need to register and log in to Panerai, complete your personal information to activate the Pam. Guard service. Rest assured, Pam. Guard has a highly personalized customer service interface. So you can access it through a variety of devices and platforms such as computers, mobile phones, iPad, WeChat. You can also go to the Panerai store for help. The exact warranty period will vary depending on when the watch was purchased.

Fake Panerai Luminor Due PAM1041 & 1042

fake panerai Luminor Due PAM1041 & 1042

Luminor Due PAM1041 and 1042 are the first watches since the Pam. Guard service was born. This also means that the Luminor Due PAM1041 and 1042 have an eight-year warranty. The design of the two watches is the same. But the dial and strap are different colors. Fake Panerai Luminor Due PAM1041 is black dial and alligator leather strap. Luminor Due PAM1042 has a creamy dial and brown alligator strap. Most importantly, the 42 mm case is made by fake Panerai from polished Goldtech.


fake panerai Luminor Due PAM1041 & 1042 dial

Apart from color and size, Luminor Due PAM1041 & 1042 has no other updates. The 12-hour scale and hands are skin tone. 6 and 12 are huge Arabic numbers. Three o’clock is a small date window, and a small stopwatch is at nine.


fake panerai Luminor Due PAM1041 & 1042 P.9000 Calibre

Both watches use classic P.9000Calibre. P.9000Calibre was born in 2009. It uses a dual-barrel design with a 72-hour power reserve. It’s a very convenient design for office workers on weekdays. And the bottom cover of Luminor Due PAM1041 & 1042 is transparent. Through the transparent bottom cover, you can see the rotation and gems of P.9000Calibre.

When Will Fake Panerai Luminor Due PAM1041 & 1042 Enter The Market?

In the Panerai store you can see Luminor Due PAM1043 and 1045, but not PAM1041 & 1042. Don’t worry, because PAM1041 & 1042 has not yet been sold. Luminor Due PAM1041 & 1042 is expected to enter the market in early 2020. Because the case is made of Goldtech, after referring to the 42mm Luminor Due PAM00677, I estimate that the price of PAM1041 & 1042 will not be less than $ 21900.

Would you like to spend $ 21900 for a Luminor Due PAM1041 or 1042 with eight years of Pam. Guard service? If you can’t bear it, then you can buy the same fake Panerai at watchhont. Watchhont is a professional fake watch store and will update the new products of each luxury brand as soon as possible. You can buy any fake watch you want in this store.

Finally, I would like to say that those who have not yet registered for Pam. Guard service should go to Panerai to register. Panerai will give members a series of special gifts. Ok, now let us wait patiently for the appearance of fake Panerai Luminor Due PAM1041 & 1042.

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