How To Choose A Replica Watch For Your Wrist Size?

How To Choose A Replica Watch For Your Wrist Size?

Many friends who have just started wearing watches may not know that the size of the watch is generally 24MM to 52MM. Of course there are smaller and larger sizes. Watches with large dials show their personality, while watches with small dials are elegant and refined. What kind of watch size is good? In fact, as long as the size of the watch is suitable for you, it is good.

First Way:Choose Your Watch Based On Your Wrist Circumference

  • Measurement Method Of Wrist Circumference

First you need to prepare a tailor ’s tape measure. The second is to determine the location of the measurement. You need to make sure that your watch is worn on the left or right hand, because the size of the two wrists of the same person is also different. Then you just need to measure around your wrist, above the bone. Please taking care that the tape is not too tight or too loose.

If you do n’t have a tailor ’s tape measure at home, you can use a soft rope or a piece of soft paper. In general, wrists under 6 inches are small (girl’s wrist). The mid-range wrist circumference is 6-7 inches. 7.5 inches and above are large sizes.

  • Case Parameters

The calculation formula of the case parameters is the wrist circumference (mm) divided by the diameter of the watch (mm). In general, the range of the most suitable case parameter value is 4 ~ 5. If it is less than 4, the watch will be larger, and if it is greater than 5, the watch will be smaller. We can use this value to determine the range of replica watch sizes suitable for our wrists. For example, if your wrist is 160mm, then you should buy a watch between 32MM (160/5 = 32) and 40MM (160/4 = 40). 32 mm ~ 40 mm watches are more suitable for your wrist.

Second Way:choose your watch based on your wrist width

  • Wrist Width Measurement Method

The best tool to measure the width of the wrist is a vernier caliper. But I know that most people do not have this tool like me, so I will introduce a simpler way. The first step is to find a piece of white paper and lay your wrist flat on the paper. In the second step, the pen is kept perpendicular to the paper, and the outline of the wrist is drawn with the pen. The third step is to remove the wrist on the white paper and measure the contour of the wrist on the white paper with a ruler.

  • Standard Watch Size

The “Standard watch size” in the table below is calculated according to the golden section rule. It is the best match data for wrist width and watch diameter. With this data, you can choose your replica watch selectively in

Wrist Width Standard Watch Size Wrist Width Standard Watch Size Wrist Width Standard Watch Size

Third Way:3/4 Theory

This way can have the test whether the last selected watch size really fits your wrist. If this is a suitable watch, then the watch case occupies at least three-quarters of the wrist. This is “3/4 Theory”.

The case size and case diameter mentioned in this article refer to a round case. As for the square or barrel-type case, you can also estimate slightly based on these three methods. Of course, replica watches can also be purchased according to your preferences. But a watch that fits your wrist will make the wearer and viewer more comfortable.

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