The Ultimate Guide To Replica Rolex Submariner Nicknames

The Ultimate Guide To Replica Rolex Submariner Nicknames

Everyone and everything needs to have their own logo, including Rolex, of course. Rolex watches are the ultimate luxury watches. And the brand has maintained incredible consistency for more than 100 years. Every Rolex watch is a symbol of classics and fashion. Rolex also produced other things in the development of process-nicknames. To understand the complex world of Rolex, this article gives you the ultimate guide to Rolex Submariner nicknames.

Rolex ‘Bart Simpson’ Submariner 5513

Rolex 'Bart Simpson' Submariner 5513 replica

The “gold-plated dial” has gold hands and hour markers, unlike today’s more sports watches with white hour markers. Rolex’s replica Rolex ‘Bart Simpson’ Submariner 5513 made in the 1960s uses a gold-plated dial. But the nickname of ‘Bart Simpson’ comes from the crown of this replica watch. Because the short thick Rolex logo at 12 o’clock is similar to the hairstyle of a legendary cartoon character. Rolex made the last gold-plated dial with this Bart Simpson crown around 1966. Then change to a frosted dial. Roger Moore also wore a ‘Bart Simpson’ Submariner in the Bond movie “Live and Let Die”. This watch also has a nickname, McQueen. Because McQueen wears Submariner 5512, the Submariner 5513 associated with it is also called “Steve McQueen Submariner”.

Rolex ‘Red Line’ Submariner 1680

Rolex 'Red Line' Submariner 1680 replica

Replica Rolex ‘Red Line’ Submariner 1680 is the first Submariner to have a date window. So it has special significance in the history of Submariner. It was born in 1966 and discontinued in 1973. Among them, Submariner 1680 produced in the first half of the year has a more unique significance. Because the dial of Ref. 1680 produced during this time period has the red text “Submariner”. However, in the second half of production, Rolex started using the white “Submariner” and has remained white text ever since. To distinguish the different colors of the Submariner 1680, collectors refer to watches with a red “Submariner” as the “Red Line”. Over time, these “red line” Submariners have become less and less.

Rolex ‘Kermit’ Submariner 16610LV

Rolex 'Kermit' Submariner 16610LV replica

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Submariner, Rolex launched replica Rolex Kermit Submariner 16610LV in 2004. Ref.16610LV has been nicknamed “Kermit” for its black and white Maxi dial and green aluminum bezel. Because the appearance of Submariner 16610LV is reminiscent of the famous frog character of Sesame Street. “LV” in the model stands for “Lunette Verte”. The watch’s “maxi” dial has larger hour markers and hands. Future Submariner watches will maintain this large time scale. The anniversary watch Submariner 16610LV was discontinued in 2010.

Rolex ‘Hulk’ Submariner 116610LV

Rolex 'Bart Simpson' Submariner 5513

In 2010, Submariner’s model changed from a five-digit number to a six-digit number. In the same year, replica Rolex Hulk Submariner 116610LV is born. This watch is more environmentally friendly than Kermit Submariner because it has not only a green bezel but also a green dial. Coupled with wider lugs and thicker cases, it has earned the impressive “Hulk” nickname. Although this is not the first time replica Rolex has used green on a Submariner collection watch, this is the first time that both the dial and the bezel are green.

Rolex ‘Smurfs’ Submariner 116619LB

Rolex 'Smurfs' Submariner 116619LB replica

Replica Rolex Smurfs Submariner 116619LB was released in 2008. Its case is made of sturdy 18-carat white gold. This is the first time Rolex has used platinum on a Submariner watch. It has a blue Cerachrom ceramic bezel. The hours and hands in the blue dial are bright white. Because the color combination of the entire watch is reminiscent of the blue and white of the Smurfs cartoon characters, Submariner 116619LB is nicknamed the “Smurfs”. This watch is a bit like a stealthy fortune.

In fact, the Rolex brand has more than 100 years of interesting nicknames. In fact, a watch with a unique nickname is a good thing. The nickname proves that this watch is not only special in design, but also very popular. Which of these watches are unpopular? Therefore, I believe that future replica Rolex watches will have more cute nicknames.

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