Replica Watch, How Do Women Choose?

Replica Watch, How Do Women Choose?

Whether it is a male watch or a female watch, there are many brands, styles, and colors. But we can’t buy everyone. So let’s take a look, what kind of replica watch does a woman choose?

Small And Sophisticated

replica watch woman Rolex Lady-Datejust 279135RBR

What is the biggest and most obvious difference between male and female watches? I think it is the size. The watch models for men and women in many Swiss watch brands have the same appearance and different sizes. This replica watch is very suitable for a couple of tables. Watches with a diameter of 28 mm or less are women’s watches. Because the women’s replica watch is small and exquisite, soft and graceful. Loved by many women. A woman who chooses a small and exquisite watch on the wrist will certainly not go wrong. Because of the small diameter of the dial, the quartz movement is more suitable for women’s replica watches. Because the mechanical movement is bulkier. In addition to adding precious metals, women’s watches also need to add small diamonds. So making a women’s watch will take more time and technology. For example, the replica Rolex Lady-Datejust 279135RBR, which is only 28mm, not only has a circle of diamonds on the bezel, but also the interior of the dial is encrusted with diamonds.

Large Dial And Simple

replica watch De Ville Tresor 428. watch woman De Ville Tresor 428.

Large diameter women’s watches have also become popular in recent years. The diameter of the men’s watch is generally around 40MM. This diameter also began to slowly appear on the women’s watch. Omega’s 2028 women’s watch has a minimum diameter of 36mm and a maximum diameter of 39mm. Getting closer to the men’s watch diameter. You must know that the diameter of the female watch is not more than 36MM. The large-diameter female replica watch is compared with the small-diameter female watch. The small-diameter female watch is more refined, but the large-diameter female watch is more handsome. The large diameter is more in line with the aesthetics of women in today’s society. Omega 36MM women’s watch I recommend replica De Ville Tresor 428. The classic combination of blackstrap and white dial reflects your clean and temperament. 39MM dial I recommend replica De Ville Tresor 428., the dark green strap is very fashionable.

Women Wearing Men’s Watch

replica watch Rolex Daytona

In the above paragraph, I mentioned the appearance of a large-diameter female watch. Then this paragraph must talk about the phenomenon of wearing a male watch. Although the large-diameter women’s watch styles are now more and more, the diameter is getting bigger and bigger. But for many women, these women’s watches can’t reflect their own personality and aesthetics. Therefore, the phenomenon of women wearing men’s watches is becoming more and more common and even become a popular trend. I must introduce replica Rolex Daytona and replica GMT-Master II. The Rolex Daytona 116500LN is a replica watch worn by many stars. The blue and black bezel of GMT-Master II 126710BLNR is also liked by many people.

Mechanical Watch

The quartz movement is standard on women’s watches. But the classics of mechanical watches are always very attractive. So there are many women who choose mechanical watches. This means that the diameter of the replica watch is getting bigger, which is probably part of the reason why women wear men’s watches. Replica Rolex Lady-Datejust uses a mechanical movement.

Neutral And Square

There are many shapes for the dial, the most common being the round shape. The circle is classic, but I think the square dial is very neutral. The most classic is the replica Cartier Tank. It is the favorite of many outstanding women, such as replica Princess Diana, First Lady Jacqueline and so on. What impressed me the most was the Nomos Tetra Neomatik square watch that appeared in 2016. In the beginning, we were not sure whether it was a male or a female watch. But its diameter is 33MM, very neutral. Therefore, both men and women like this series of watches.

This article talks about five types of women’s watches, hoping to guide you in the right direction.

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